DNP3 Client Simulator

FreyrSCADA DNP3 Client Simulator was originally developed to test the DNP3 stack.
We developed the stack to run multiple hardware platform (windows, Linux, RTLinux, QNX..). So we had to test multiple platform. At that time, our engineers developed the test simulation application.
We tested this simulator with multiple test software available in the market.

Our support team has young, dynamic and professional team of engineers. Our Engineers will provide the quick and accurate solution as per customer requirement.
We can add up to 50 Client node in the simulator. Every Client node will work independently.
Simulator window shows the Connection status & Connected Serial port number tcp, udp ip and port number.



  • Multiple Master / Client Simulation
  • Supports Serial, TCP, UDP Communication
  • Level 3 Compliance
  • Supports "Select-Before-Operate" SBO or "Direct-execute" command execution modes
  • supports File Transfer, Directory commands

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10

You can also try our Outstation / Server Simulator, DNP3 Windows SDK , and DNP3 Linux SDK


Simulator License model:

In this License model, We deliver Simulator Installer for Windows Operating System.
The Customer can use the software company wide. Customer can install the software in many systems.
There is no restriction like Hardware key (Dongle) and software key.

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Get a free DNP3 Development Bundle

New updated Version of DNP3 Simulator & SDK (Software Development Kit) is available now.
FreyrSCADA DNP3 Development Bundle v21.03.026
In the Development Bundle, We included DNP3 Outstation / Server & Client Simulator, Windows & Linux SDK.

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